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major character death
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i literally could not be less surprised by this list


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ultimate shame pairing

i have many of these…. many, many of these. some of them i’ve probably never even talked about on tumblr actually

  • palom/porom…….
  • dio + jonathan’s head
  • my first major fandom ship was sesshomaru/inuyasha ok look i’ve been on this incest thing since i started
  • cloud/sephiroth gets on here. baby’s second big fandom ship.
  • i liked jareth/sarah for longer than i should have really
  • rolf/shinon
  • more probably
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what do you like most about colette tumblr user durendals. signed, an anon who is not colette tumblr user durendals

colette is a super great friend! they often join me in terrible things and we can have long and involved conversations about expansive aus and i really really enjoy those conversations ok, i love them

idk i’m bad at summing people up in one word. the thing you should take away from this is colette is great, please say hi to them

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what's your favorite place to visit?

idk if i really have a favourite place like that? i guess i enjoy going to book shops and game shops but idk how much that counts

maybe the natural history museum? i do love it there

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(xillia gentleman voice) HELLO THERE

you have no idea. the first time i heard that i was in vicalle mine alone at night and there was suddenly HELLO THERE and this long monstrosity coming towards me

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how did u get into mgs

i forget the exact circumstances - i’d always been vaguely interested in it, mostly bc i heard a lot of interesting stories about it

but noah (tumblr user rowenjilbert) told me to read hiimdaisy’s comic so i’d understand mgs1 (i’d started watching an lp of it but got distracted by cam clarke’s “i’m not kratos” voice) and once i did that i started watching some lps and… well, raiden was so precious and adorable! and then baby ocelot and big boss and eva and the boss and then fucking mgs4

i believe noah has a tag for me liveblogging the experience into his inbox actually haha

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